posted by tracco on Nov 29

Is Fly-Posting in Torbay Illegal?

A few weeks before bonfire night these huge posters started appearing around Torbay

20131119 091546 300x225 Is Fly Posting in Torbay Illegal?


This one at the end of Centenary Way.

Not wishing to spoil anyone’s fun but these unsightly posters then just get forgotten. No one takes the trouble to come back after the event and remove them. As time goes by they disintegrate and look very shabby.

After Tweeting concerns to Newton Abbot racecourse several weeks after November the 5th they promised to get them removed. Some did disappear – The one in Centenary way just got ripped off and thrown in the grass.

20131123 150219 300x225 Is Fly Posting in Torbay Illegal?


Now a few days later it has been dragged along the road further and thrown in the bushes

20131128 181406 300x225 Is Fly Posting in Torbay Illegal?


Only a matter of time now until it ends up down in the woods to be left to rot with all the other litter and rubbish thrown over the rails.

Always though that  Fly Posting was illegal?

Not as if it is difficult to catch who does it as their name and address is all over the poster!!

Looking at this link: Graffiti and Fly-posting Offences it seems the council could do something about this problem but chooses not to?

Definition of fly-posting

It is generally recognised and accepted what is meant by the term “fly-posting”. However, in order to help clarify the situation the Department of the Environment has proposed the following definition:
“Fly-posting is any printed material and associated remains informally or illegally fixed to any structure. It excludes formally managed and approved advertising hoardings and valid, legally placed signs and notices. It includes any size of material from small stickers up to large posters – often advertising popular music recordings, concerts and other events. It excludes business cards and handbills placed under vehicle windscreen wipers and door handles; illegal displays on movable objects such as advertising ‘A boards’; and billboards”

The problem is not just confined to this one event. Last week travelling from Torquay town centre to Newton Abbot I counted 23 of theses posters at road junctions on traffic lights and railings

20131119 091538 300x225 Is Fly Posting in Torbay Illegal?


The ones at Riviera Way/Browns Bridge Road do seem to have been removed in the last couple of day but there are still may more around along with a lot of similar sized yellow ones advertising a new years eve event in Plymouth.

In fact most of the posters advertise events outside of Torbay

Can anyone confirm if these posters are legal?

Are we happy having these scruffy posters all around town?


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